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We are changing the way women's intimacy, health and aging issues are heard and addressed (treated). Every woman is different, internally and externally, so we provide personalized treatments to make you look, feel and function optimally (like a younger version of you). We are the first to offer safe, effective, non-surgical therapies and procedures for all your feminine needs in a premier spa environment exclusive to women. Your comfort, privacy, and safety are our top priorities.

Our elegant, boutique O Med™ Spas offer a premier selection of “Femtech” (feminine technologies) therapies and procedures exclusively for women’s sexual health and optimization, anti-aging, immunity and aesthetics. Our goal is to restore intimacy, health and youth in women of all ages.

Our medical staff use the latest non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures to help you be the best woman you can be, inside and out. We take a personal and foundational approach to every client in both our analysis and treatment recommendations. Patients of The O Med Spa™ can be assured they are receiving the latest cutting-edge information, procedures, supplements, and bioidentical compounds by our staff of medical professionals. Premier clinical therapy in the comfort of a spa! We’ve cultivated an environment of comfort, safety and privacy to discuss and treat your most intimate issues, as well as your overall health. Women’s specialty care…by women, for women. The ultimate feminine experience!

Our clinical operations are supported through our unique MobileWellness™ platform that extends our women’s concierge services to the comfort and privacy of your home. Through our “Uber-like” MedGoPro™ app, members can locate a medical practitioner in real time; and view, schedule, and pay for their therapies.

The marriage of our clinic and mobile platforms provides a diversity of therapies and convenience to meet all of your intimacy, anti-aging, and wellness needs.

You Are Not Alone!

of women complain to their physicians about vaginal laxity/looseness.
of women experience Urinary Incontinence.
of women suffering from Urinary Incontinence say it negatively affects their sex life.
of women report that low sex drive puts a negative impact on their relationships.
of women said low sexual desire hurts intimacy levels with a partner.
of women report that low sexual desire impacts their relationship communication.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women has Always Been a Taboo Subject...

Until Now!

“What’s been happening with women is no one has ever asked the question, ‘What’s your sex life like?’ The reason a lot of doctors don’t ask is because, one, they’re uncomfortable and, two, they don’t really know what the answer is or what the solutions are or how to really address the problem.”
Dr. Marilyn Jerome, ObGyn, Washingtonian, 2019

At The O Med Spa, we believe in restoring your youthful form and function both sexually and aesthetically with optimal health and immunity to enhance and maintain your quality of life.


In our women-only spa environment, designed especially for you!


Be the best version of you…inside and out


Your youth and vitality


The fire in your bedroom!