Why the


Med Spa?

Premier clinical technologies in the comfort of a spa!

Why the O Med Spa?

Simple. We provide an elegant, boutique med spa environment meticulously designed and structured to and for women in order to provide a personal and private experience like no other. Premier clinical technologies in the comfort of a spa!

We offer a diversity of unique, innovative, and highly effective treatments with our cutting-edge “Femtech” technologies, and experienced medical staff. We speak openly and honestly about your most intimate issues. There’s never an embarrassing moment at The O Med Spa because women’s beauty, health and sexual optimization is what we do!

As women, we wanted to eliminate the cold, uncomfortable environment of the ObGyn, the “mixed company” found in typical wellness spas, and the lack of diversity of services available for women’s sexual health and optimization. Our goal was to create a comfortable, luxurious environment that creates a memorable experience while providing the medical expertise to treat your most challenging and intimate issues.

We know women’s needs and desires for intimacy, health and a youthful appearance, so we have catered our services to address them. We want you to be the best woman you can be, Inside and Out!

What is Femtech?

FemTech, or feminine technologies, is projected to be a $50 Billion industry by 2025. That’s right, Billion with a B. So why is this industry growing at such an alarming rate?

It is quite simple really. Women’s healthcare and sexual health has long been a forgotten market. It’s a taboo of sorts, something that is rarely discussed yet forever exists. With almost half the population being women, that’s a pretty large market to overlook! However science and technology have now opened the doors with products focused specifically on women’s health, intimacy and aesthetics.

FemTech is largely products and services that often use technology to focus on women's health. This sector includes the latest tech solutions for women's sexual wellness and optimization, aesthetics, and body sculpting. Advancements in laser, radio frequency and electromagnetic technologies have revolutionized these areas.

At The O Med Spa, we offer the latest Femtech technologies for intimacy, aesthetics and body sculpting. Arrange for a free consultation today to explore how our treatments can provide The Ultimate Feminine Experience!